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Electric Pump

1" Geyser Pump/ Puddle Pump
2" Submerssible Pump 110V/ 3000gph/39' max head
3" Submerssible Pump 110V/ 3540gph/ 62' max head
4" Submerssible Pump 575V/60,000gph @ 10' head/ 30,000gph @ 30' head
6" Submerssible Pump 575V 3 phase/ 60,000gph @ 15' head/ 48,00gph @ 49' head

Specialty Pump

Waterbed Pump 1"
Oil Transfer Pump

Leaking Basement, filling a pool, draining a pond or moving water in a hurry Rent All Centre has all your dewatering needs covered.



Diesel Pump

6" Centrifugal Self Priming Pump/ 108,000gph
Tank Capacity: 322 Litres


Pressure Washer
Gas/Cold Water
2500psi (Rotary Impact Nozzle Available)
Gas/Diesel/Hot Water
Gas Pump

2"  Centrifugal Pump/ 6,000gph
2" Fire Pump (can handle back pressure)
3" Centrifugal Pump/ 16,000gph
3" Trash Pump/ 23,700gph
4" Trash Pump/ 28,000gph



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