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We carry a wide array of compaction equipment.  Ranging from 90lb Plate Tampers to 24,000lb 84" roller.

Plates & Jumping Jacks

Plate Tampers
760lbs/ forward and reverse

Jumping Jacks
140lb/11"shoe/4 cycle
120lb/10" shoe/ 15amp electric

Single Drum Rollers


48"- 5,700lbs smooth or pads foot roller
66"- 12,000lbs smooth or pads foot roller
84"- 24,000lbs smooth or pads foot roller

Dual Drum Rollers

35" Asphalt Roller 2,800lbs/24g water tank

49" Asphalt Roller 5,800lbs/79g water tank


Asphalt Combo Roller 19,712lbs (full)
- 9 rubber wheels in rear


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